ZirbenLüfter CLASSIC

Do you want to breathe properly? ZirbenLüfter® – better air – better life

ZIrbenLüfter®, air humidifier, ventilation system in modern design

Air scented with Swiss pine is beneficial to health. This fact has been known for centuries and has been confirmed by scientific studies. With our ZirbenLüfter® you can bring the many harmonious properties of Swiss pine with all its benefits for physical and mental health into your own home. The ZirbenLüfter® CLASSIC and CUBE offer naturally revived room air improving your quality of life. The air humidifier is suitable for nearly all types of room. Experience a new room climate and bid farewell to musty-smelling rooms. “Natural Room Scent

Our ZirbenLüfter® also reduce find dust, germs, air pollutants and unpleasant odours. Attested by the following study (in German).

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Natural room climate · True values of life with every breath

Natural room air, healthy room climate, healthy atmosphere

Breathing determines our lives, second for second. Day and night. Pure, beneficial pine scented air helps to reduce stress, to feel well and to relax. The ZirbenLüfter® circulates air continuously. The scent of Swiss pine flows through the room. Quality of life and a feeling of well-being with every breath. The natural air humidifier for your rooms.

Your problems are our tasks : Asthma, spasmodic croup, COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), respiratory disorders, dust allergies, insomnia, stress, burnout and/or bad, musty room air etc.

Echtes Handwerk-Design aus Österreich.

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