Josef Höllbacher & Herbert Rettenbacher

ZirbenLüfter Team

Engineer Herbert Rettenbacher and Master Carpenter Josef Höllbacher have been interested in the effects of the local swiss pine for a long time and have developed a ventilation system, which is a complete innovation in its form and mode of operation.

Behind the name ZirbenLüfter hides a simple, easy-to-handle, low maintenance and naturally effective system. It provides ventilation and humidification, as well as a natural fragrance and improvement in room atmoshpere. The active ingredients of the swiss pine are finely distributed via this ingenious system.

The ZirbenLüfter optimally utilizes the natural characteristics and advantages of swiss pine – pointing the way ahead for a new room atmosphere. 

Josef Höllbacher

ZirbenLüfter Herstellung

ZirbenLüfter Herstellung

Josef Höllbacher – My path to the ZirbenLüfter


My name is Josef Höllbacher, I was born in 1953. Since 1977 I’ve worked as a self-employed master carpenter in my own small workshop in Krispl. I work exclusively with solid wood. As I was fascinated by the art of wood carving and I was relatively talented, in the first few years I created a number of carved Pinzgau farmers’ cupboards, trunks and farmers’ snugs (see www.resonanzmoebel.at ).

If you want to have wood “optimal”, it is important to use timber joints as the ancient master carpenters used to teach.

So I learned to love and understand wood. But it is the swiss pine in particular, with its scent that reminds me of fresh bread, and its velvety surface that has become dear to my heart.

Due to my amateur construction of guitars and monochards I became aware of the “harmonica resonance principle” and its proportions. By reading good specialist literature I was able to improve my knowledge and intergrate it more and more into furniture construction.

It became clear to me that, the division of a length of a vibrating string for example in 3 or 4 parts, produces harmonius tones and that an oblong in proportion: width = 3, length = 4 has a harmonious effect. A fact which has almost been forgotten in today’s building planning – knowledge going back to the ancient art of cathedral and church building.

My ambition for the future is to combine ancient knowledge with new technology – for the good of nature and thus for the good of man. I imagine people understanding Mother Nature once again, not wanting to conquer her, but fighting with her for progress.

I have always been interested in how our forebears managed to have a good harvest, how they produced fertiliser with simple means, waste was returned into the natural life cycle so that it never had a damaging effect. Foresters knew the connection between forest and water. They knew how to transport timber in the rivers without damaging the channels and how to construct irrigation systems to maintain water’s life force. Guide rails were built into the channels spooling in the water, making it turn on its own axis.

Thanks to own natural observations I noticed that water and air regenerate themselves with spiral movement. Thus I began to think about how to combine this with swiss pine to bring the positive effects into the air. This regeration of water and air can be achieved through spiral movements by milling into a special spiral course. Thus numerous fine layers of air are created, gliding past one another at different speeds creating microvortices. These in turn break up and grind the ingredients and suspended solids of the air and create an emulsion. Whereby the charging of particles and solid structures are reversed to a large extent.

With this knowledge I have created a sculpture, which combines the beneficial effects of the swiss pine with evaporated water and using swirling movements contributes to the regeneration of the air.


“A feel-good piece of furniture for a better and more natural room atmoshpere –
the ZirbenLüfter“

Krispl, in October 2011

ZirbenLüfter Herstellung

ZirbenLüfter Herstellung

ZirbenLüfter Herstellung

ZirbenLüfter Herstellung

Echtes Handwerk-Design aus Österreich.

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