“I’m delighted with my swiss pine heart and swiss pine oil… due to a house dust allergy – daily “blocked nose” remidied by nasal spray – for 6 months now – no nasal spray required.
I and my social circle are impressed with Zirbenlüfter. Quality of sleep has improved; I can really recuperate… Heart rate variability values are improving all the time. Absolutely positive.
Yes, my staff are very pleased with the Zirbenlüfter. Right after setting up the test unit, I realized that the test group didn’t want to part with it. We have 5 units spread out over 8 rooms.
Due to its practical size I’ve found a good place for the Cube and I enjoy entering my lovely smelling office (even improving job satifaction), I can warmly recommend this product and wish you a pleasant day.
For the past year I’ve been looking for a way to integrate the effect of swiss pine into my new bedroom – as I already had all bedroom furniture, your Zirbenlüfter was the ideal solution for me.
At MANDU Lady I train all day long with our members to attain a strong and firm body. Therefore the body must be supplied with good quality air which is provided by the Zirbenlüfter.
The Zirbenlüfter not just spreads a specially fine scent, but also creates a pleasant atmosphere in my room. Particularly at this time of year I suffer with asthma due to pollen.
In 2001 I started to have problems with my lungs (breathlessness and heavy coughing). After a number of tests by a pulmonary specialist and in hospital, I was diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) My lung performance was approx. 50%, no improvement in lung function possible.
You were right: we will never part with our Zirbenlüfter. It is our constant companion, following us in every room we are for any length of time.

ECO-Treuhand: A wonderfull feel-good piece of furniture

The Zirbenlüfter is a tasteful designer piece and spreads a very pleasant scent of fresh wood. For us and our clients it is an added pleasure and boosts the work atmosphere.
A short report about our Zirbenlüfter. As you already know, in 2006 I had cancer of the lymph nodes in my jaw followed by 42 sessions of radiotherapy. As a result my oral and nasal muscous membranes were damaged and I could only produce 40% saliva.
Since the ZIRBENLüfter has been standing in our living room, a pleasant scent of swiss pine is noticable in the apartment and although the positive changes can’t be measured in figures they are noticable: such as improved sleep behaviour of our son (4 months old) and our dog’s calm acceptance of our new family member.