Gottfried Walkner from Puch bei Hallein - uses ZirbenLüfter® CLASSIC in the bedroom

E-mail vom 16.2.2011

Hello Herbert,

A short report about our Zirbenlüfter. As you already know, in 2006 I had cancer of the lymph nodes in my jaw followed by 42 sessions of radiotherapy. As a result my oral and nasal muscous membranes were damaged and I could only produce 40% saliva. I always have a dry mouth during the night and I often wake and have to have a drink. Since I’ve had the Zierbenlüfter in my bedroom my situation has improved, I sleep better and my mouth is not as dry. When I wake in the night I only seldom have to have a drink.

My nasal membranes don’t have to be moisturized as much and feel less dry in the morning. The Zirbenlüfter has given me an improved quality of life and is in my opinion nothing short of a miracle.

Best wishes, Gottfried

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