Grazer Wechselseite Insurance Company use ZirbenLüfter® CUBE for their meeting rooms and offices

Email of 5.2.2013 from Herr Dr. Leonhard Golser
Manager of Provincial Head Office Salzburg

Dear Team, hello Herbert,

Yes, my staff are very pleased with the Zirbenlüfter. Right after setting up the test unit, I realized that the test group didn’t want to part with it. We have 5 units spread out over 8 rooms. The rooms are partly connected by doors which are often open… thus a large area can be covered by a small number of Zirbenlüfter units. Staff can use essential oils according to their taste, whereby the swiss pine is our favourite. Attached you’ll find a photo of my presentation as part of the annual GRAWE conference with the executive board and whole management team.

Our office in the heart of the Salzburg old town is situated on a busy main road and therefore very noisy and dusty. This way we can notably improve the situation in our workplace.

Wishing you lots of success –  GRAWE-Teams of the Provincial Head Office in Salzburg!

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