Herr Kronreif from Golling - uses ZirbenLüfter® CLASSIC in the bedroom

Letter of 4.6.2011

In 2001 I started to have problems with my lungs (breathlessness and heavy coughing). After a number of tests by a pulmonary specialist and in hospital, I was diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) My lung performance was approx. 50%, no improvement in lung function possible.

Quite by chance I discovered the positive effect of the ZIRBENLüfter. I received a unit from Herr Höllbacher to test. After just a few weeks my coughing fits in the night had been reduced.

I now have less discomfort and my lung function has increased by 70-75%. I can recommend the ZIRBENLüfter after 4 months of use for respiratory problems.

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