Customer Feedback and Impressions

We would like to thank our customers for their thoughts and emotions experienced with our ZirbenLüfter.
We wish them continued pleasure.
Gerald Bauer-Extremsportler

Gerald Bauer – extreme sportsman

Tina Schmid  M.A.N.D.U.-Coach

Tina Schmid

Mag. Monika Masik-Lebeda Ernährungsberaterin

Mag. Monika Masik-Lebeda

Mag. Wolgang Bibl Tierarzt

Mag. Wolgang Bibl

Gottfried Walkner

Gottfried Walkner

Dipl.Päd. Matthias Lesch Lebensreiseführer®

Dipl.Päd. Matthias Lesch
Life Coach®

Frau Irmi L. from Germany is delighted with swiss pine oil.

ZirbenLüfter ÖlSet 20 ml und 5 ml

ZirbenLüfter Oil Set
20 ml and 5 ml

Frau Irmi L. from Germany wrote in her email of 14.8.2013

“I’m delighted with my swiss pine heart and swiss pine oil… due to a house dust allergy – daily “blocked nose” remidied by nasal spray – for 6 months now – no nasal spray required.

Thanks to swiss pine and swiss pine oil

Gerald Bauer - Extreme sportsman - uses ZirbenLüfter CLASSIC, CUBE, SWISS PINE OIL whilst training and sleeping

Gerald Bauer

Gerald Bauer

Email of 16.5.2013

I and my social circle are impressed with Zirbenlüfter. Quality of sleep has improved; I can really recuperate… Heart rate variability values are improving all the time. Absolutely positive.

My girlfriend likes it too.

The Classic, which is with me in Rif is an absolute highlight when training and I’m convinced, that others will be contacting you in the near future…
Room climate, room air, training feeling…all very positive and pleasant. Unbelievable which “training rooms” the Classic “takes care of“.

“Gerald Bauer took part in the hardest bike race in the world – RAAM 2013 (RACE ACROSS AMERICA)”  

Grazer Wechselseitige Insurance Company - use ZirbenLüfter-CUBE in their offices and meeting rooms


Email of 5.2.2013 from Herr Dr. Leonhard Golser
Manager of Provincial Head Office Salzburg

Dear Team, hello Herbert,

Yes, my staff are very pleased with the Zirbenlüfter. Right after setting up the test unit, I realized that the test group didn’t want to part with it. We have 5 units spread out over 8 rooms. The rooms are partly connected by doors which are often open… thus a large area can be covered by a small number of Zirbenlüfter units. Staff can use essential oils according to their taste, whereby the swiss pine is our favourite. Attached you’ll find a photo of my presentation as part of the annual GRAWE conference with the executive board and whole management team.

Our office in the heart of the Salzburg old town is situated on a busy main road and therefore very noisy and dusty. This way we can notably improve the situation in our workplace.

Wishing you lots of success –  GRAWE-Teams of the Provincial Head Office in Salzburg!

m a n g Training-Coaching - uses ZirbenLüfter CUBE in the office

Email of 16.8.2012

Dear Herr Rettenbacher, dear Frau Hallinger,

even after just a few days of the new Zirbenlüfter Cube (rondo) being in my office I’m impressed with:

  • the swiss pine scent,
  • the pleasing design,
  • the unbelievable water evaporation (seemingly my office is very dry)
  • the exciting light effects,…

Due to its practical size I’ve found a good place for the Cube and I enjoy entering my lovely smelling office (even improving job satifaction), I can warmly recommend this product and wish you a pleasant day.

Christian Mang, Mag.

Elisabeth Burghofer from Mondsee - uses ZIrbenLüfter CLASSIC in the office and bedroom

Email of 12.2.2012

Dear Mr Rettenbacher,

For the past year I’ve been looking for a way to integrate the effect of swiss pine into my new bedroom – as I already had all bedroom furniture, your Zirbenlüfter was the ideal solution for me. On cold and dry days (such as the last few weeks) I have carried it from bedroom to office and back…;-) and it’s been really worth it – I’ve been sleeping deeply and soundly – and during the day the room climate feels pleasanter. The fine scent is a wonderful – an added gift.

Warm greetings from Mondsee,
Elisabeth Burghofer

Frau Nina Schmidt - Dipl. Fitnessökonom (BA) - uses ZirbenLüfter CLASSIC in the fitness studio

Email of 17.10.2011
M.A.N.D.U. Lady Salzburg

At MANDU Lady I train all day long with our members to attain a strong and firm body. Therefore the body must be supplied with good quality air which is provided by the Zirbenlüfter. Since using the Zirbenlüfter at MANDU Lady I’ve personally experienced that I don’t have a sore throat at the end of day any more. My conclusion is a pleasant scent and benefits for bronchial tubes.

Schoolboy Valentin Posselt from Oberalm - uses ZIrbenLüfter CLASSIC in the bedroom

Email of 11.7.2011

Hello Herbert,

The Zirbenlüfter not just spreads a specially fine scent, but also creates a pleasant atmosphere in my room. Particularly at this time of year I suffer with asthma due to pollen. Thanks to the Zirbenlüfter I fee that I can breathe more easily, thus I’m sleeping better and feel fit during the day.

Thank you!
Valentin Posselt

Herr Kronreif Josef from Golling - uses ZirbenLüfter CLASSIC in the bedroom

Letter of 4.6.2011

In 2001 I started to have problems with my lungs (breathlessness and heavy coughing). After a number of tests by a pulmonary specialist and in hospital, I was diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) My lung performance was approx. 50%, no improvement in lung function possible.

Quite by chance I discovered the positive effect of the ZIRBENLüfter. I received a unit from Herr Höllbacher to test. After just a few weeks my coughing fits in the night had been reduced.

I now have less discomfort and my lung function has increased by 70-75%. I can recommend the ZIRBENLüfter after 4 months of use for respiratory problems.

(same text as letter)

Frau Mag. Andrea Lohninger-Dominik - uses ZirbenLüfter CLASSIC in the office and bedroom

Email of 15.4.2011
AUTONOM HEALTH ® GesundheitsbildungsGmbH

Dear Mr Rettenbacher,

You were right: we will never part with our Zirbenlüfter. It is our constant companion, following us in every room we are for any length of time. Thus our home has a perfect room climbate that allows us to work effectively and sleep well.

With best wishes from Klosterneuburg,
Andrea Lohninger

Gottfried Walkner aus Puch - uses ZirbenLüfter CLASSIC in the bedroom


E-mail vom 16.2.2011

Hello Herbert,

A short report about our Zirbenlüfter. As you already know, in 2006 I had cancer of the lymph nodes in my jaw followed by 42 sessions of radiotherapy. As a result my oral and nasal muscous membranes were damaged and I could only produce 40% saliva. I always have a dry mouth during the night and I often wake and have to have a drink. Since I’ve had the Zierbenlüfter in my bedroom my situation has improved, I sleep better and my mouth is not as dry. When I wake in the night I only seldom have to have a drink.

My nasal membranes don’t have to be moisturized as much and feel less dry in the morning. The Zirbenlüfter has given me an improved quality of life and is in my opinion nothing short of a miracle.

Best wishes, Gottfried

Family Dr. Wolfgang Biebl from Oberalm - uses ZirbenLüfter CLASSIC in the bedroom and children's bedroom


Dr. Wolfgang Biebl, Vet, wrote on 23.5.2010

Since the ZIRBENLüfter has been standing in our living room, a pleasant scent of swiss pine is noticable in the apartment and although the positive changes can’t be measured in figures they are noticable: such as improved sleep behaviour of our son (4 months old) and our dog’s calm acceptance of our new family member.

It could just be our subjective feeling, but the ZIRBENLüfter has improved our quality of life immensely.

ECO-Treuhand: A wonderful feel-good piece of furniture

Gasser Theresia & Team

The Zirbenlüfter is a tasteful designer piece and spreads a very pleasant scent of fresh wood. For us and our clients it is an added pleasure and boosts the work atmosphere. As we appreciate a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in our daily advisory work, “our” Zirbenlüfter has already found a fixed spot in the meeting room of our office.

Lesch Indstitut Weil am Rhein (D) and Mondsee (A) - uses ZirbenLüfter CLASSIC in the office


Dipl. Päd. Matthias R. Lesch, 09.01.2010

Although from experience I have a rather negative attitude towards equipment for improving the room climate, I was taken with the idea of the Zirbenlüfters. Since the unit has been in my practice rooms, I am very impressed. A feel-good atmosphere prevails, which most of my patients notice when entering the practice. I can recommend this invention for use in any room where people want to feel good.

Nursery school Puch b. Hallein

Inge L. 12.11.2009

The Zirbenlüfter in the group room: The air humidity improved by 15% in just three days. The room atmosphere is more agreeable. Smells (food…) in the room fade more quickly. My dry cough disappeared and none of the children cough or sneeze. The atmosphere in the group is quieter and more relaxed.

Anna G, Head of Kindergarten: Zirbenlüfter’s effects on our room and feel-good climate: The Zirbenlüfter stood in the Kindergarten office for about 4 weeks. The pleasant wood scent of swiss pine was noticeable straightaway. Air humidity in the room has also improved. Maybe that’s why I didn’t loose my voice even though I had a sore throat? The Zirbenlüfter is also a well-designed piece of furniture. I am of the opinion that whatever creates positive thoughts and good feelings (scent, visual attractivity – pleasure) also has a beneficial effect on the body and well-being.

Johann Winkler

Here is my experience of the ZIRBENLüfter:

The unit initially captivates with its design and loving workmanship. The ZIRBENLüfter is a real eye-catcher. The scent of swiss pine is pleasant without being overbearing, has a calming effect and gives the room a scent of freshly-cut wood. All my guests have noticed the scent straightaway and found it agreeable. I personally prefer it standing in the bedroom. Here the pleasing scent aids a good night’s sleep. I’m pleased to have been able to test the ZIRBENLüfter.

Johann Winkler, 25.8.2009

Gertraud Hinterhölzl/Krispler


Phyiotherapy practice, 2.9.2009

Firstly we’re delighted by the idea of reviving air. We also love the tasteful design and finally the scent captivates us. Only afterwards we learn about the effect of the swiss pine. My husband and I work as energy healers and body therapists, so we are expecting an effect on our clients. We’ve tried all important areas.

Living areas: Living / dining room: We feel calmer. Guests take a seat near the humidifiers without knowing its effects, some not even noticing it’s there.

Bedroom: The scent is very pleasant, we sleep very well and wake up in a good mood. This is not a matter of course, as we often take problems to bed with us. Generally: despite our stressful lives and the nervous tension (farm takeover, rebuilding work 250 km away, moving house, change of school…) we mainly managed to stay in balance.

Practice: Our clients notice a difference straightaway. The room climate is more relaxed. Mind and muscle loosen more easily and in wonderment discovered that help is available in this way. In the end the humidifier stays in the bedroom, relaxation in the night seems to us to be the most important. Thank you I would not part with Zirbenlüfter at any price, quite the opposite I would like to have one standing in every room.

Mag. Hans-Peter S.

Furniture & Marketing, 26.8.2009

I, personally found the Zirbenlüfter as very pleasing, lovely smelling and climate regulating etc. As I had respiratory problems during the period of use, I particularly noticed a calming effect of the revived air. I was able to breathe easier, slept deeper –  the Zirbenlüfter stood in the bedroom – and I woke up feeling really relaxed.


Echtes Handwerk-Design aus Österreich.

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