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Special features

  • handmade humidor on top
  • Stone pine wood combined with Spanish cedar
  • water volume 1.1. liter
  • Airflow continuously variable - very quiet
  • Design & crafts from Austria
  • ZLCS03G2HU
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Air humidifier / Air purifier for rooms up to 40 m 2 - with humidor on top square... more
Product information "ZirbenLüfter ® CUBE Salzburg with humidor"

Air humidifier / Air purifier for rooms up to 40 m2 - with humidor on top

square corners
measures including humidor:
21x21x33 cm
water container: premium plastic (PMMA), satined, content 1.1 liter
light therapy (on/off): blue - rest, trust, longing, red - love, passion, magenta - idealism, order, compassion

humidor on top: high quality from swiss stone pine lined with high quality spanish cedar. With transparent cover. With "flower of life" engraved into the cover.

design / craftsmanship from Austria

ZirbenLüfter ® CUBE Salzburg reduces significantly:

  • air pollutants like fomaldehyde*
  • fine dust
  • bacteria and mold spores* 
  • unpleasant odors (mold, sweat etc.)*
*statements and effectiveness proven by FFG Studie 11/2014 – TU Wien Prüfnummer TU 14 002

ZirbenLüfter ® CUBE Salzburg:
  • for a better and natural room climate
  • for an increase / balance of air moisture
  • invigorates the air by an unique air turbulence technology - recreated from nature
  • made of pure active components of stone pine from Austrian alps
  • all surfaces are given a special finish, untreated and without any chemical additives
  • exclusively hand-manufactures
  • easy to clean - slats can be rinsed through water
  • low maintenance costs - slats to be exchanged only every 2 or 3 years (recommendation)


ZirbenLüfter ® - the humidor on top

  • interior size: 18x18x6 cm
  • high-quality wood processing like ZirbenLüfter ®
  • high-quality shutter mechanics
  • well sealed lid
  • lid with inserted transparent sight glass and incorporated "flower of life" (option: any logo, lettering possible).
  • inner space lined with spanish cedar (Zederle).
  • humidification with "Boveda Humidipack" in combination with "Boveda Aluminium Bracket" provided in the ground area

© zirbenluefter.com - copyrighted,
"deposited in the CreativDepot of the "arge creativ wirtschaft" on 5.7.2012"


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  ZirbenLüfter ® CLASSIC CUBE   CUBE Salzburg... more
ZirbenLüfter ® CLASSIC CUBE   CUBE Salzburg CUBE mini 
Width / depth / height 42/33/192 cm 21/21/18 cm 21/21/19 cm 18/18/15 cm
Evaporator container 1,5 Liter 0,25 Liter 1,1 Liter 0,8 Liter
Stonpine slats 4 pieces pieces pieces pieces
Weight approx 15 kg 2,8 - 4,5 kg 3,1 kg 1,2 kg
Air flow max 130 m3/h, infinitely adjustable
Input voltage 100-240 V AC - 50/60 Hz
Output voltage 12 V DC
Consumption 3 to 5 W/h
Light colors Red / blue / pink - freely selectable with pushbutton - can be switched on / off
Fan Very quiet, in sleep mode - lowest level almost not audible,
Infinitely adjustable, long life - over 10 years

CE - Certified according to European directives

ZirbenLüfter ®  CUBE  Instruction manual

ZirbenLüfter ®  CLASSIC  Instruction manual  



Use / recommendation: For rooms in which much is smoked. Cigar clubs, smoker rooms, coffee... more

Use / recommendation:

For rooms in which much is smoked. Cigar clubs, smoker rooms, coffee houses, lounges, hotel areas etc. - simply anywhere, where cold smoke is unpleasant. 

Tip 1: The ZirbenLüfter ® is meant to run through all the time - low power consumption from 3 to 5 watts per hour.
Tip 2: You achieve the best efficiency if there is water in the tank. The ZirbenLüfter ® also works without water but not as efficient. 
Tip 3: From time to time, we recommend using 100 % pure swiss pine oil for fragrance enhancement in th smoking room.
Tip 4: Is there a lot of smoking in the rooms? Wash the stone pine slats several times under running water and change them once a year. 
Tip 5: Enjoy your ZirbenLüfter ® as soon as possible. 

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