How can I regulate the humidity in rooms?

In order to achieve a feel-good climate, it needs more than the recommended humidity.

With the ZirbenLüfter® you achieve an optimal feel-good climate and increase the humidity naturally.

A healthy indoor climate is very important for your health and wellbeing. To achieve this, you need an unencumbered room air, a pleasant natural room fragrance and a humidity adapted to the season. It does not have to be that the humidity complies with the legal requirements of at least 40%. This is not achievable in very cold winter months. Many flats and houses are not designed to achieve a humidity of 40% due to their structure, automatic ventilation or many natural furnishing elements (such as clay plasters, wooden furniture, wooden floors and ceilings).

The problems for humans with too low air humidity are: the drying out of the mucous membranes, problems with the respiratory tracts and eyes, the faster drying of the skin. In such rooms you feel uncomfortable and especially people with respiratory problems (asthmatics) and children with sensitive airways (pseudo-group) suffer from it. We have been experiencing for more than 10 years that it is much more comfortable for humans to increase the humidity in a NATURAL way (and not artificially with humidifiers to 40 to 60%). The successes and positive feedback from our customers have shown us that it is better to increase the air humidity naturally by 5 to 15% depending on the physical condition - and AT THE SAME TIME to reduce air pollutants and particulate matter.

The proportion of air pollutants and fine dust particles is of course higher in dry room air. That's why the air in the ZirbenLüfter® is swirled above the water, moistened at the same time, and the turbulence principle reduces air pollutants and particulate matter. The pleasant pine-wood scent with its essential oils - which is finely distributed in the room by the ZirbenLüfter® - makes breathing easier, calms and brings nature into your rooms. An important part of improving the air is also provided by the scents of Swiss stone pine.
Because the essential oils contained in the pine scent are anti-bacterial, promote breathing and allow swelling of the mucous membranes go back. These statements are the experience of our customers, which you can read on our page CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS. In no case, these statements replace the way to the doctor. If you have health problems, get his advice.

Source of information: various researches and practical experience.