ZirbenLüfter® CLASSIC light

A further step in the direction of design object was made possible by fitting light sources. The spectrum stretches from the perfectly positioned mood lamp to the elaborate ZirbenLüfter® CLASSIC light design work of art. In any case the Zirbenlüfter has matured to a decorative piece of furniture, which optimizes air, light and colour of a room and turns well-being into a new dimension. Dimmable environmental LED strips make the ZirbenLüfter® CLASSIC a great light object. The ZirbenLüfter® CLASSIC light models are unique pieces made by artists and are always discussed before ordering with the customer. Each ZirbenLüfter® CLASSIC can be easily fitted with “light”.

Suggestions / Inspirations

All our ZirbenLüfter-CLASSIC light Models  (ZirbenLüfter CLASSIC with light design) are unique.

Please contact us and we can help you choose. We can also incorporate your own ideas and plans for the design of the ZirbenLüfter CLASSIC light. The basic model ZirbenLüfter-CLASSIC can also be fitted at a later date with the light object.

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Artists & Designers

The artists behind ZirbenLüfter-CLASSIC light

Tex art: We see the intention of our work to enrich people and to make their ideas and dreams viable and perceptible. We design additions and consciously set contrast to pre-existing elements. Thus we implement in the manly-technically orientated architecture with reduced materials such as exposed conrete and glass specifically a feminine touch. Our textile art/textile design creates atmosphere – it lends the particular room colourfulness, vibrancy and cosiness.

Colours and shape

Actually tex art is a group of artists, who work on surfaces, however for the ZirbenLüfter designed tex art also the lampshade. The  job order increased the artists’ demands – from the surface to a body with light. “To think of the the whole  ZirbenLüfter as an object, was great fun for us, so we wanted to carry on our work”, says Elke Salzmann, Manager and artist of tex art. “Our colours and shapes are awakened by the light and ensure variation and harmony. There is a new focus in the room and an atmospheric ambience is created. That aroused our passion for light aesthetics”, according to Elke Salzmann.

tex art

[textil + kunst] x raum Mag. art. Elke Salzmann Baldehofstraße 15 A-5020 Salzburg T: +43 650 2311252 E: office@texart.at

Tex Art Kunst am Bau


Elke Salzmann

Design of the shape for the lampshade “cone”: Harmonious addition to the Zirbenlüfter design by Josef Höllbacher


Evelyn Grill

Designs “painterly elements”: Contemporary artistic design with her own individual style elements.


Katharina Klaczak

Designs “austrian elements”: Combination of traditional, Austrian ornamentation with contemporary photographic art.

Echtes Handwerk-Design aus Österreich.

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