“The alpine scent – ALPINE BREEZE“

“Don´t drink just smell“

“The alpine scent – ALPINE BREEZE”  is fresh, reviving swiss pine air to take away. 100% untreated and wonderfully fragrant swiss pine cuttings in a white tin can (drinks’ can style). The perfect companion wherever you go. Selected, untreated swiss pine cuttings create a pleasant, relaxing fragrance. The natural active ingredients of the swiss pine, also called arolla pine or in latin Pinus cembra, has a positive effect on the human body. © – protected by copyright , “lodged with CreativDepot of arge creativ wirtschaft on 11.2.2013”

True life values to breathe

Breathing determines our life, second by second. Day and night. Fresh, pleasant swiss pine smelling air ensures relaxation, recuperation and a good feeling. Quality of life and well-being  – with every breath.

Energy rush from a can…

…for the home, before going to bed to calm, in front of the TV to unwind, in the office for more efficiency and mind power, in the car for better concentration or if you just want to smell nature. Size: diameter 5,5 cm; height: 13 cm; contents: 250 ml “We support people with handicap” This product is packaged with the help of the “Protected Workshops Integrative Company Salzburg GmbH“.



 “Don´t drink just smell“

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“The Alpine Scent – investigation report


The alpine scent - ALPINE BREEZE as advertising medium and merchandising product

IMG_1637 Our “Alpine scent – ALPINE BREEZE” is suitable as a advertising and merchandising product. You can customize our package bands yourself or we can make graphic changes to suit your requirements.
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