FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is the ZirbenLüfter exactly?

The ZIRBENLüfter is a feel-good piece of furniture for a natural room atmoshpere. With the “ZIRBENLüfter” bring the aromatic scent of swiss pine into your surroundings.

What purpose does the ZirbenLüfter serve?

The ZIRBENLüfter is a new and yet so natural way of spreading relaxation and calm indoors – just by breathing the active ingredients of the Zirbe swiss pine.

Where is the ZirbenLüfter used?

The ZIRBENLüfter is used in the hotel industry, in offices and seminar rooms, in kindergartens, schools, living rooms and bedrooms, in doctors’ surgeries and hospitals and suitable for a variety of other locations, where the natural room atmosphere is important and a need for people. The ZIRBENLüfter is best used in rooms of up to approx. 70 m².

How does the ZirbenLüfter work?

The ZIRBENLüfter basically consists of 4 air columns, the evaporator container with slat boxes and the air circulation base.

The evaporator container has a capacity of approx. 1.2 l of water, which enriched with the scent and natural ingredients of swiss pine  – is transported from the air circulation base with the help of a small ventilators into the 4 double ribbed tubes of the 4 air columns.

In the double ribbed tubes cyclone-like air swirls are created, enriching the revived, damp air with further scent and natural ingredients.

Due to the ability to regulate the very quiet ventilator this equipment is also suitable for use in bedrooms.

ZIRBE swiss pine – what is it?

The Zirbe swiss pine or arolla pine (“Queen of the Alps”) grows in high alpine areas. Its positive effects on the well-being of the human body have been know for many centuries.  Swiss pine wood has a particularly pleasant, and stimulating scent. Scent specialists and parfumeurs from Switzerland are surprised by the longevity of the swiss pine fragrance (the scent can remain for up to 300 years) and call it the “Incense of the Alps”.

Are there studies about swiss pine?

Yes, heading the numerous studies are those conducted by Wood Research Austria Wien and the Research Society Human Research in Weiz. The detailed research results can be found under the section “The Power of Swiss Pine” on our website.

Where does the swiss pine come from and how is it treated?

Only selected Austrian swiss pine with a high concentration of active ingredients is used. The products are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen to the highest standard of quality. The wood surfaces are untreated and free of chemical substances. .

How is the ZirbenLüfter assembled and how does it work?

Assembly of the ZIRBENLüfter is easy.  The feet and the evaporation container with the 4 slat boxes are affixed to the base, the container filled with water, the 4 helical tubes placed in the base and then the unit can be connected via a power cord to the electric circuit. The strength of the ventilator can be set on the back of the plug.

What should be considered when using the ZirbenLüfter?

The swiss pine air humidifier is easy to use and low maintenance. However, you should still regard the following cleaning and maintenance proceedures: regular cleaning of the evaporator container and the swiss pine slat boxes, regular re-filling and/or changing of the water, slat boxes should be replaced every 8-12 months.

Are there further aspects to the effects?

The ZirbenLüfter air humidifier not only regards the ergonomic aspects and room design but also the optical aspect. The new models of swiss pine air humidifier are equipped with light components and textile design. We’re committed to the effects of swiss pine, water, light and energy as a whole to contribute to a really good atmosphere.

Echtes Handwerk-Design aus Österreich.

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