ZirbenLüfter® CLASSIC

More than just an air humidifier.

The ZirbenLüfter® CLASSIC combines all positive qualities of the swiss pine. It is traditionally handcrafted from high-quality Austrian swiss pine. The evaporator container, the air diffuser base and the four air columns with double ribbed tubes work perfectly together. Here capillary energy, chimney effect and turbulence technology are combined ensuring that the rising damp air is enriched with the scent and active ingredients of swiss pine and finely spread using a quiet ventilator (12 V). All wooden parts of the ZirbenLüfter® are made from high-quality, pleasantly-fragrant swiss pine from Austria. The wooden surfaces have a natural finish and are therefore stain resistant.


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Evaporator container/Slats


Evaporator container/Slats

The evaporator container is made of high-quality, crystal-clear plexiglass (PMMA). In the evaporator container there are 4 exchangeable swiss pine slats made of pure swiss pine and there is space for approx.1.5 litres of water. The swiss pine slats stand partly in the water and dispense humidity, scent and active ingredients into the passing air. The swiss pine slats should be changed once a year for hygienic reasons and can of course be reordered from our webshop.

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Air diffuser base


Air Diffuser Base

In the air diffuser base the air is transported gently with the help of a special ventilator from the evaporator container to the 4 air columns. According to the size of the room and location the output of the humidifier can be regulated 4 x on the power unit. The humidifier has been specially developed for relaxation rooms and bedrooms and is not audible on the first 2 levels. The life expectancy of the humidifiers is, according to the manufacturer, when handled properly at least 10 years of constant use. The humidifier is integrated in such a way that it can be exchanged easily.

4 air columns


4 air columns for better room air

Air humidity and air revival

There are 4 specially formed, double ribbed tubes fitted into each of the 4 air columns. In these double ribbed tubes cyclone type air swirls are created. Due to the swirling of air the scent and effective ingredients of swiss pine are absorbed by the flowing air. Thus the air, conditioned according the the Laws of Nature, is distributed evenly around the room. You can feel the freshness and enjoy an pleasant room atmosphere.

Technical details

ZirbenLüfter CLASSIC

Technical Details

Size: 33 cm x 42 cm h = 192 cm
Material/body, columns: Untreated solid, selected swiss pine wood, the surfaces are untreated, finished and therefore easy to clean
Evaporator container: is of premium plastic (PMMA), crystal-clear and high-quality crafted, approx. 1.2 litres of water
Ventilator: Quiet, noiseless ventilator, life expentancy according to manufacturer of approx. 10 years
Output: 12 V, approx. 5 watts on high power
Air flow: up to 130 m3/h, 4 adjustable levels
Light: blue LED light, on/off switch at floor level
Slats: 4 x slat boxes made of fragrant swiss pine, finely crafted

Use and recommendation



Use / Recommendation

  • for nearly all rooms and relaxation areas
  • e.g. bedroom, children’s bedroom, playroom, office areas, meeting rooms, relaxation rooms, waiting rooms, practice rooms, cellar rooms, old buildings etc.
  • simply anywhere, where a good room atmosphere is important.
  • for rooms of up to 20, 30, 40 m² even up to 100 m² and more, according to interior design

The ZirbenLüfter in its form and with its special effectiveness is absolutely unique. Hidden underneath is an easy to handle, low maintenance and naturally operating system. It provides the revival (ionisation) of room air through humidity and natural scent. Plus due to the swirling of the air an effective cleansing takes place. However, the key for the room air and people’s well-being is the fact that the active ingredients of the swiss pine are released homeopathically.

Room atmsphere – a new quality feature in the hotel industry.

It’s a well-known fact that comfort and relaxing sleep require a good atmoshpere. The Zirbenlüfter is a new and yet so natural way of spreading relaxation and calm, just by breathing the active ingredients of the swiss pine. A hotel room is the private home of guests. In addtion to cosiness, comfort and healthy sleep, a natural room climate plays an increasing role.  Good air to breathe, produced in a natural, non-chemical way, could soon be established as a new standard for more customer loyalty. »Health is a question of climate«, Josef Höllbacher (developer) and Herbert Rettenbacher (sales/marketing) are convinced about the ZIRBENLüfter. For a long time they have been concerned with the effects of the local swiss pine in combination with a special air circulation of the ZIRBENLüfter on the human body.

Use/Recommendation hotel industry

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“Natural room atmosphere“ with the ZirbenLüfter

Tourist boards confirm: The booking behaviour of guests has changed dramatically in the past few years. More short breaks are being booked. Last minute and more often. You can easily see that in this area too the spirit of our age rears its head: quick – short – relax. The hotel industry is looking for ways to meet the new demands and needs. The question arises: “How can I improve the recreational value for my guests? What aids quick regeneration?” The Hotels Ritzenhof in Saalfelden, Hochschober-Turracherhöhe, Salzburgerhof in Zell am See and Winzer am Attersee successfully use the ZirbenLüfter CUBE and CLASSIC in their hotel bedrooms, relaxation and seminar rooms. The positive qualities of swiss pine wood, the “Queen of the Alps“ have been appreciated and used for many centuries. Scientists from the Joanneum Research have tested the effects of swiss pine on human stress and body’s ability to recuperate. A significant influence on the circulatory system, sleep, condition and vegetative regulation was confirmed. Improved quality of sleep was also found. Better relaxation during the night is accompanied by a reduced heart rate and increased bodily vibrancy during the daytime. The physiological results coincided with the subjective evaluatuion by the test persons themselves: relaxed sleep, better general health and surprisingly higher “social extraversion”. Maybe a reason why in olden times bar parlours were clad with swiss pine wood. Swiss pine, water and air: are combined in the ZirbenLüfter in the highest form. The unit is handcrafted in Salzburg from high-quality swiss pine. Each piece is unique and can be made to suit individual requirements. Creative terms, amongst other things a leasing package (ZirbenLüfter CUBE approx. € 0,25 – 0,35 per day; CLASSIC approx. € 1,45 per day), make purchase easier The hotel owner can offer his guests a unique healthy way of relaxing and stay up to date:

quick – short – relax

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