Swiss pine oil 5 ml, 20 ml     (Bottle with safety cap)

ZirbenLüfter® OIL for natural room scent

Swiss pine oil – 100 % naturally pure, essential scent oil

The essential ZirbenLüfter® Oil is extracted carefully by water steam destilation of the swiss pine branches including cones and needles. Thus you receive from us a natural swiss pine oil in pure quality – not diluted with other pine oils. Our ZirbenLüfter® Oil is perfectly suitable in combination with our ZirbenLüfter® for scent intensifying – simply add 1 – 2 drops to the water, the effects of the swiss pine scent are increased and the positive qualities of the scent ingredients finely distributed throughout the room. When you scent a room with high-quality swiss pine oil, unpleasant smells such as kitchen aromas, cigarette smoke etc. are effectively neutralised. If you wish to treat your body, mind and soul – the effect of swiss pine oil is particularly positive. It revitalizes the whole organism and awakens the zest for life. Whether physically or psychologically, swiss pine oil can give strength and energy. Essential swiss pine oil is often used for colds and lung complaints. Swiss pine oil is also popular as a natural insect and moth repellant. We would be pleased to give you personal advice about our ZirbenLüfter® Oil.

“We support people with handicaps” This product is packaged with help from the “Sheltered Workshop of Integrated Firms Salzburg GmbH“.

Information about swiss pine oil

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Swiss pine oil – 100 % natural essential scent oil

Botanical name: Lat. Pinus cembra
Plant family: Pinacea (pines)
Country of origin: Austria, Alps, Tyrol
Characteristics: Robust tree, thrives at high altitude
Plant parts: Branches, needles, cones ZIRBENwood (own recipe)
Extraction: very gentle steam destilation – controlled
Scent: fresh lemon (lime), myrtle, vanilla, light wood note
Quality: tested; a natural, pure, essential oil of the botanic species Pinaceae (request test certificate)
Safety data sheet: available on request
Packaging size: 5 ml; 20 ml; 0,5 litre
Customers: Private, trade, business customers such such as bottlers and oil converters

Incense of the Alps

Vorschau von „zuschnitt.at - Weihrauch der Alpen“-7

The scent of swiss pine, also known as “Incense of the Alps”

Scent specialists and parfumeurs are more verbally expressive. Andy Tauer from Zürich describes the scent of swiss pine as »mild, rounded, warmly vibrant, like dry needles in the autumn sun«. Yet he puts things into perspective straightaway: »A scent can only be described in words to a limited degree, as the perception is different for each individual« The uniqueness is undisputed for Tauer: »Anyone who has once smelled swiss pine, recongnises it again and  again, never confusing it with fir or larch. For me the swiss pine is the “Incense of the Alps”. A special recipe using the various part of the swiss pine is require to make such a high-quality swiss pine oil. With this oil the manufacturer is forced to create an authentic swiss pine scent, which is on a par with freshly-cut swiss pine timber. This unique scent oil, that has a sweet, fresh, woody note, and smells of fresh lemon and myrtle, is perfectly suited for aroma therapies, traditional scent oil treatments, particularly in combination with the ZIRBENLüfter.

Incense of the Alps

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